Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Planting #2 & Did You Know?

 The next step in my spring planting.  Here are my supplies planter, soil and geraniums.

 The finished product.  When I was all done my daughter, Dawn, told me that it made her think of her Grandma Butler.  She always had geraniums planted every spring and they would all last well into the fall.

Did you know?

That you can grow celery from the root of a celery stalk?  I didn't either and then I read it somewhere on the internet.  I was skeptical, but what did I have to lose.  So I took a celery root and did what was suggested and just stuck it down in some dirt.  I choose a planter that didn't do so well in the move, I have been giving it some TLC hoping to breath life back into it.  It was quite huge when I moved it.  The result of the celery root was that in just a couple of days I could see leaves sprouting up from the center of the celery root.


This is what it looked like today, after only a couple of weeks. I have planted some at work also, in our raised garden beds.  I can't wait to harvest my first stalk of celery.