Friday, October 21, 2011

First Adventure in my New Normal Life

All ready to head out to Ponce Inlet to the Marine Science Center for Evan's 5th Grade Field Trip.  I checked the weather and it was 54 degrees at 9 am when Tom and I were set to leave the house.  So thanks to my new friend Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin I wore my new scarf that she had recently given to me in a swap and I was nice and warm all day..  I sent her one of my scarfs that I crochet.

              We learned about the turtles that live in our area of Florida, on the beach and in our backyards.

                               We learned about the different kinds of Mangrove Trees in our area.

                                                                    We saw a very poison Lion Fish.

                                                                   We saw a Eel.

It's hard to see but there are 2 Bald Eagles in this cage.  Both have injured shoulders and wings. All of the birds in the actuary have been injured and were brought to the Marine Science Center to be nursed back to health, but are unable to live in the wild on there own.

Two blind Pelicans.  They were fighting with each other while we were standing there watching.

We petted the Stingrays...well the brave petted the Stingrays.  If you notice my grandson, Evan, in the black sweatshirt, didn't pet the Stingrays.

            The last thing we saw was this beautiful Moth that was sunning himself on a window.

I had a great day and am thankful to Evan for inviting me to go with his class.


  1. Carolyn,
    You look beautiful in you scarf:) Love the photo of the Lion Fish, it's stunning. I have snorkeled in Grand Cayman and swam with the sting rays and there was even an eel. Looks like you had a great day:)
    I was wondering what town you lived in when you were in Ohio.

  2. Dawn, it was a great outing. Glad you like my new scarf. We lived in a small town in Central Ohio, Cardington. We owned a restaurant in Mt. Gilead. They both are about 40 minutes north of Columbus. Now I live just south of Daytona Beach and about 45 minutes east of Orlando.